Sunday, October 14, 2018

I'm having Gallbladder surgery

Hi everyone i wanted to share that on Monday i will be having gallbladder surgery i couldn't be anymore happier . Let's back track to last year i first started having pains December 24 on christmas eve i had no clue . April was the first time i went to the Emergency room with pain and i felt like i couldn't breath . I keep telling everyone i couldn't breath  my breathing was totally fine i visted the E.R while i was pregnant about 4 times . These pains would come and go at random times after i gave birth there was this one time i couldn't stand the pain any longer so i had to go back by then i found out i had gallstones i had an Inflamed gallbladder it wasn't too bad and I was able to go home. My next step was to wait to see my primary doctor getting sent to a specialist doctor , having medical having to wait to get approved didn't take that long . I was able to get seen early and get an appointment for surgery fast . I don't know how long i could keep taking this pain on the bright side i have lost over 55 pounds which is a plus for me , My surgery date is Monday 15 i can't wait to get it removed . I will be documenting the day of surgery on my  Instagram follow me if you would like to watch it on my Insta stories . Thank you so much for reading my post comment below if you have ever had galstones how was your experience?

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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Kids Suave 3 in 1 shampoo and detangler spray

My daughter wanted to share her favorite Shampoo she has been using for the past 2 years . How I hard of Suave kid's was I got a free full-size bottle of theSuave kids purely fun  Detangler spray 10 fl oz from Influenster click the link to sign up and get a free box, I will do a blog post all about Influenster and how it works. After I used the Detangler it worked it was super easy to get ride of my daughters tangles with two sprays. The awesome part is the bottle lasted me a whole year you know i had to try other products . I bough my daughter Suave Kids Apple 3 in1 Shampoo , Conditioner , Body wash they have so many to choose from . My daughter got the Apple bottle and she loves it. I would highly recommend Suave kids products to any parents . Number one thing I love about this product is it's safe for children so if it get's in there eye's it safe. I love how it leaves my daughter's hair feeling soft and smooth. 

Have you tried Suave for kids product's? if you have leave them in the comments below if you love their products. Thank you so much for reading.  This Was not sponsored I paid for the products with my own money. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

My learning Disability

Hello everyone welcome back to my blog I wanted to tell you guy's about my learning Disability I was diagnosed with when i was in Elementry. I was in the 4 grade when I did testing and I ranked below average. I was placed in a special ed class School said I had mildy retardation I was embarrassed to tell anyone that. I wanted to open up to you guys I know sometimes what I write doesn't make sense or that my spelling is off I love blogging I'm not going to let that stop me from enjoying what I love. Thank you to everyone who reads my posts i also do youtube you can click the link here,com/rissarenne i also have a podcast you can click to listen podcast.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Inside Dressing Room DD'S discounts

Hi everyone I wanted to share 3 outfits that are affordable and cute . My total came out to $40.50 . I think it's amazing deal Last outfit the shirt can be tucked into the Skinny jeans you can make two outfits out of one witch is a win Win. I bough them at DD's discounts here in fresno .

  Outfit 1

Yellow striped romper


Outfit 2

Panda Shirt

Blue capris
$ 4.99

Outfit 3
Ripped skinny jeans


Thank you so much for reading what store is you're favorite to go shopping to save money ?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Review Red Aspin Lashes

Welcome back today I wanted to do a review of Red spin Serina lashes. I reached out to Jessica Anders on Instagram and asked to do a free review on her lashes she said yes. I am excited to let you know my thoughts on them.

Jessica sells Red Aspin lashes there are 8 different Beautiful pairs to choose from. I got Serina pair for free to review. I opened my package to find a couple extra goodies that she sent me I was so Happy and excited. What I got was a pair of cute socks, two makeup bags (see photo below) when pulling out the lashes I knew I was going to fall in love. Applying the lashes was easy glue provided held them all day. I have got 3 uses out of them I'm still wearing them you can get 7-10 uses as long as you take care of them.  I had gone to the store when it was raining it was pretty windy out lashes had held on quite well. I would recommend Serina Lashes from Red Aspin great quality for the price of $23.00 dollars $2.99 Shipping . I  absolutely love my Lashes Great volume. I will be purchasing some soon . I do wear glasses and if you wear them too I have the perfect pair for you called Bella .  I give My lashes a 10 out of 10 recommend you buy these lashes you won't be disappointed . I hope my review helped you I will leave the links down below for you to order these amazing lashes.

                Package I received from Jessica


              Right side with them on     
              Day 1 with both pair on 

 Day 2   
Day 2 at 5:00 pm

                                   Day 3

Here is the link to order a pair of Beautiful lashes from Red Aspen website has lash Bundles as well.  Host a facebook party and you can get some Lashes Contact Jessice for more info .

Need to contact Jessica E-mail her for any questions.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

350M 350S Morphe palette Review

 Are you looking for an Eyeshadow palette that's affordable? Pigmentation? Last all day?  Great makeup palette worth buying ?  If so grab a snack or drink I will be reviewing my 350M 350S morphe palettes.

I wanted to do an honest review on my morphe  palettes that I bought have been absolutely loving. My first purchase was the 350 Nature Glow matte Palette Eyeshadow Palette. I bough it for $23 Witch is an amazing price for this palette. I absolutely love this palette I never stopped using it and never put it down it has 24 eyeshadow colors to choose from. I can honestly say this is my go-to palette that I use everyday.  It's very pigmented and the colors last all day.  This palette will be Great for Beginners who are doing makeup .  I had no issues with any Fallouts I would absolutely recommend this to you. 

Here is a close up of 3 colors that are in the 350 Natural glow matte   Click here to order one  

Here is the Morphe 350 Shimmer palette I have bought I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with this palette is my holy Grill as of right now . I do use these two palette's to create my every day makeup look . I cannot stop grabbing for them both . 350 Shimmer palette are very pigmented and shimmery  There are 24 colors this palette comes with.  Very shimmery and applies smoothly and easy to apply.  No fallouts that happen when applying to my lids , These are very creamy that's what i love about them . I did buy this one nordstrom for $15 dollars i couldn't pass up a very good deal.  I know i had to buy the shimmer one so i did . I looked on Nordstrom again to see if they had any deals and i couldn't find any. Here is the link to the 350 Shimmer or Morphe has a selection to buy both the  350 Shimmer 350 Matte  for$44 original price is $46 so you save $2 dollars such a great deal ! click the link to buy one . 

Here is a close up of the 3 colors of the 350 Shimmer again these colors are very pigmented easy to apply on the eye lid . 

My whole review on both the 350S 350M palette are definitely a yes to purchase. I give it a 10 If you are looking for a beginners palette these two would definitely be a great purchase . morphe brushes has so many more awesome products to choose from on there site from eyeshadows , brushes , Lip sticks , removal & MORE . Morphe product's Make great gifts for friends or loved ones . Morphe offer's Free shipping for orders over $75 the total must be $75 after promotional discounts. Thank you so much for readying my review . Comment below some of you're Morphe favorite's i would love to know . 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Plus size Outfit

Hey , Everyone welcome back to my blog I know i have been MIA I am back and ready to post more blogs for you guys . I wanted to Make a Special Announcement I am 11 weeks pregnat this Pregnacy was planned . Chai and i couln't be anymore Happier my daughter is just as excited as we are . I wanted to make this post so all my plus size Mama's know were they can shop at and know they can fit the outifts i will be sharing . When i found out i was pregnet i had no clothes that fitted me i was stressing out i though i wouldn't fit any jeans from stores . One day i went to wal mart to try on some jeans to just see if i fit it . I am so glad i did becaues before trying on them i though i wore a size 28W or highter . I tried on jeans that were size 26 W i was so happy . If you are plus size Wal mart has size up to 26 W inside the store  . I decided to just wait and go home and see if i could order some maternity pants online.  I  got home and looked only size they had online were size 3 Xl . I knew i couldn't fit so i went back and i was so excited i found Denim Jeggings Faded Clory Women's Denim Jegging Faded Glory Womens -Denim Jeggings They are one sale for $ 9.50 online on wal - marts site The original price is $14.97 . I got a size 4 Xl and i was so happy i found them , Honestly they are super comfortable stretchy for you to wear during you're pregnancy they Look just like jeans . Now on to my shirt i bough i wal- Mart i found my shirt on the clearance rack they had alot to choose from i found this one shirt on the rack that was cute and looked very comfortable to wear during my pregnecy .  Shirt is called Faded Glory Women's plus woven two pocket shirt Women-s-Plus-Woven-Two-Pocket-Shirt/252526154 online it's $14.97 in store i paid $11.00 it's Comfortble and will fit you during you're pregnecy and it will even fit over you're baby Bump .

Here is my full outfit and i Absolutely Love it 

Thank you so much for reading my blog post please comment below if you decided if you will buying this outfit . 

Want to find the best nude eyeshadow palette? Go head over to Elle, blog page , LaBeaute to read her blog post! LaBeaute

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